“You know I’m what I love, and whether or not I’m making a killing at it is immaterial. I’m living on the love that I have for this work, I am living because of a dream. And I’m alive because of it.”


Me, Myself, and I

This blog conveys my passion to help you find simple ideas for ways to limit your carbon footprint. In other words be more eco friendly.

I am a wildlife biologist, photographer, traveler, etc. I am very passionate about conservation and love working with wildlife while seeing the world. I have worked with many species including birds, sea turtles, and jaguars!

However, it is not all chocolates (I wish), and ponies. I have seen things that are incredibly heart breaking and how we as humans, have a much bigger impact than we think.

So I want to share with you my stories  so that we both can work on making sure our beautiful home survives.